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Free trial lesson in progress

  • Miyako Piano School offers free trial lessons at any time.

  • The time required is about 60 minutes including practical lessons and interviews.

  • We do not contact you for solicitation after the lesson.

  • There is no charge, so please feel free to use it.


Each piano instruction

It is done according to the level of the learner.

No problem

Don't worry

Even if you are a complete beginner, you don't have to be able to read the notes. Everyone is a beginner at first.


Why don't you start your piano life happily with the students who have a high continuation rate?

No problem

Don't worry

Even if you hate practicing or have quit learning the piano for some reason in the past, it's okay. You can continue at the pace of the learner.


In the classroom, we are always enrolled from 4 years old to adults regardless of male or female.

No problem

Don't worry

Due to the work shift system, we also support people who cannot attend the fixed date and time every week and those who pick up and drop off.



We will help music to be a lifelong friend.

No problem

Don't worry

Music is always the same when it's fun and when it's sad. It supports your heart.

Click this reservation button to display the dates and times when reservations are possible.

Please choose a day that is convenient for you to apply.

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