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Piano teacher

Arisa Fukumaru from Kitakyushu

Graduated from high school in the music department of the piano major. Graduated from Tokyo Junshin Women's Junior College, Piano Department. After working as a lecturer at Kawai Music School, moved to England. Studied at the Royal College of Music in London, England, worked hard to improve piano performance and study music instruction, and gained experience in numerous concerts. He has studied under Takashi Takaragi / Yoshihisa Suga / Simon Nicholls and others. Studied vocal music under Akio Fujiwara. Studied flute under Taku Eda. After returning from England, he will perform in Fukuoka prefecture and its suburbs. Awarded the Leader's Award at the 10th National Competition of Glenzen Piano Competition. In various piano competitions, he teaches younger generations, such as producing top prizewinners. He is performing in a wide range of genres such as events, TV appearances, vocal and orchestral accompaniment, and piano duo. In 2007, the name was changed to "Miyako Piano School" with the aim of becoming a classroom rooted in the local community with the relocation of the classroom. We will improve the qualities of instruction to improve the music culture of the region and nurture many music lovers.

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